This Tiny Change Captured Over $232,000 in

Sales Leads in 35 Days.

Want to See How It Works?

Dear Colleagues,

Hello, and thanks for accepting my invitation to see how you could be doing Cash Pay Sales better, faster and cheaper.

Simply put, when it comes to Premium Services, we all want 3 things:

How hard can that be?


Does this sound familiar?

The phone rings… the operator answers… the caller asks a question… the operator offers to transfer the caller to the right staff member…

Four things can happen:

1. Caller says no thanks, hangs up.

2. Caller says yes, call is transferred, coordinator is available and picks up (the least likely scenario, by the way).

3. Caller says yes, call is transferred, coordinator is unavailable, caller hangs up with no voice message, or

4. Caller says yes, call is transferred, coordinator is unavailable, caller leaves voice message.

Calls Come In, but Leads are Lost (or Grow Cold from Slow Follow-up)... How many every week? month? year?

How much Revenue Opportunity

is your practice losing?

But that’s not even the worst part.

In most practices, the staff member/salesperson makes 2-3 phone call attempts to make contact.

And unless the caller has left their email in the voice message, there is zero ability to follow-up by email.

After 3 call-back attempts, the lead is typically tossed.

  • NO record of the opportunity ever coming in.

  • NOchance to qualify them for an alternative procedure/surgery or even sell them some other premium service.

And, worst of all...

  • NOchance to keep them from shopping and buying from your competition.

Here’s How All That Changes in an Instant

I’m launching an incredible Sales & Marketing System to fix your leaky lead bucket:

  • It gives you the power to have operator inquiry handling done better

  • It replaces traditional inquiry handling which costs you sales and new patients

  • It brings to bear the power of instant prospect gratification

  • It makes prospects feel welcome and informed instantly and automatically

  • It immediately stops prospects from shopping elsewhere

  • It stops the lead loss caused by faulty hand-off from marketing to sales

  • It lets sales coordinators start the sales follow-up immediately

  • It stops phone leads from ever getting lost

  • It tracks patients disqualified for one treatment option to other options and keeps the sale

  • It lets you cross-sell additional premium services

  • It makes sure that new patients know everything you can do for them (since they often go elsewhere out of ignorance)

... and much, MUCH More!

Now let’s explore whether or not it makes sense to work together.

Here’s how the offer works:

First, I want to ensure you’re clear on what you’ll be reading and the goal of this invitation letter.

There is a very specific set of topics and points to cover to ensure we both achieve our goals for today:

1. Your goal (hopefully) is to identify the exact steps you could be taking to schedule more surgeries without spending another penny on advertising or hiring an expensive marketing agency.

2. My goal is to give you enough detail for you to decide if you want to accept my private invitation to use this Sales & Marketing Service for free until it captures enough opportunities to pay for itself 10 times over. More on this later.

Make sense so far? If you’re like most of us, you’re looking to increase the volume of Premium Services Opportunities, correct?

If this is not true for your practice, no need to read further...thanks for coming and congratulations!

If so, think about these questions related to where you are today in terms of your service line growth strategy.

Now let’s see where marketing gaps exist.

And then let’s get clear on steps you could be taking to fix them.

Our Offer: 10 Private Invitation VIP Slots


$0 activation fee.

$0 subscription fee until your pipeline has $30,000 or more in opportunities in development.

At that time you will be asked to move to a subscriber.

The system pays for itself BEFORE you pay one single penny.

Once we’ve filled up the 10 private invitation slots, additional practices will be moved to an annual subscription that is priced roughly at what you would charge for 1-2 eyes, depending on the type of surgery.

Today, we only ask 2 things of you:

1. At the bottom, of this page, if you're ready, click the button on the right "Activate Your Account".

2. Agree to be interviewed about your experience so we can continuously improve our system and our service.

I understand the details but,

I am not ready to go live yet

This sounds great!

I'm ready to activate my account

Lead & Opportunity Quick Audit

First off - spend a few seconds thinking about what you’re currently doing that could cause your practice to be throwing leads and opportunities in the trash.

(Hint: Do you have a database of refractive inquiry prospects or does your Salesperson/ Coordinator toss them in the trash after 3 phone call attempts?)

1. Do you have a defined sales pipeline?

2. Do you automate email sequences and sales follow ups if, by chance, prospect email information is captured now?

3. In a nutshell - what happens (or doesn't happen) after your phone rings? You're probably spending a helluva lot of money to make it ring...what are you doing after it does?

4. OK - where are you right now when trying to instantly connect with every single prospect who calls? You’ve all probably heard that the speed of your response is how you win sales.

5. How do you establish a relationship with callers who inquire about a your Premium Services?

6. Next - Do you have a strategy defined and operational processes documented for turning calls into sales opportunities?

7. Here's a hard one - what's your exact process to engage every cash pay inquiry caller after the call is over?

8. How many ways can you “touch” them to get them to pick your practice?

9. OK - do you have a predictable way to delight callers with valuable patient education information? “Irresistible Offers”? Anything?

10. How hard are you trying to prevent prospects from shopping your competition once they've called you?

11. Do you have a system that allows you 100% visibility to follow each prospect's progress toward purchase?

12. Are you currently able to know exactly where every prospect is on their buying journey - what are your forecast revenue numbers/metrics for LASIK/PRK, RLE and Premium Cataracts, anything?

13. Lastly, do you have a clear way to move refractive candidates into an alternate refractive option and/or additional premium service/s if they are not eligible for LASIK/PRK, RLE or Premium Cataract surgery?

Thank you for indulging my interrogation, er, audit.

Here’s what’s behind all the questions

I have designed a marketing system called

C.A.P.P. (Capture All Phone Prospects) Phone Triage.

  • It literally is Opportunity Triage™ because you will be staunching the flow of lost leads resulting from inadequate processes for handling phone inquiries.

  • CAPP is a unique and proven system for helping Ophthalmologists and their marketing departments sell more premium services without expensive agency fees…

  • ...without a hiring overpriced copywriters

  • ...and without adding busy work to sales staff duties.

I’ve identified simple shifts you can make that increase your Leads & Sales Opportunities by capturing phone inquiries- and I'm about to share them with you.

Before I share my processes, here's my last question:

On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being highest:

How open are you to this new Opportunity capture service right now?

If you are a 4-5, please keep reading.

If you are 3 or below, perhaps you want to contact me when throwing leads in the trash feels like a bigger problem.

Next Step:

Now it's time to organize our thoughts about the problem presented by bad or even totally absent Phone Inquiry Opportunity Triage.

Thinking about the state of your ability to take advantage of every premium service phone inquiry opportunity right now, where would you like to be, say, 90 days from now?

How long have you been thinking that you might be losing too many surgeries?

What actions have you taken so far to triage this loss?

Have you been able to diagnose how what you're doing is sub-optimal?

We both know hiring a new agency seldom fixes the problem.

Now this may be a tougher question but, Why not stay where you are and change nothing?

Do you feel that opportunity loss could be affecting your revenue enough to look into a new option?

If you answered yes, keep reading.

Get insider knowledge of how the C.A.P.P. (Capture All Phone Prospects) sales & marketing system works,

why you need it and how you can get it.

Before the big reveal, I'm curious about how valuable adding 10-20 surgeries a month (possibly a week, depending on call volume) might be for your practice:

If you were 100% confident that if, in 30 days, you would have the right process in place, how much would you invest monthly in harvesting up to 5x more refractive inquiries a month*?

  • $500-$1000 a month

  • $1000-$1500 a month

  • Over $1500 a month

* This is a trick question because you probably have no idea how many cash pay procedure inquiries come in every month…

How it Works. Working Together.

C.A.P.P. (Capture All Phone Prospects) Roadmap.

Now let’s get clear on the steps it takes to triage your opportunity loss as quickly as possible...

Before we dive in it’s important to understand that, even though you've been struggling, you’re not alone!

You've simply been lacking a clear system and the right support. After working in my own practice and speaking with many colleagues, this problem is very common.

Let’s cover the steps you could be taking...

1. Instead of handling inquiries in the usual way (take a message or transfer to voicemail if a salesperson is unavailable) you could be following a simple process that captures more leads & opportunities while making email follow-up and deal tracking instant and automatic.

You’ll get a powerful Prospective Patient Inquiry Form and Operator Telescript as the first step to prevent refractive surgery leads from ending up in the trash...

2. After this, you’ll send an automated “Welcome Email” follow-up to instantly connect with every single prospect and begin to establish a relationship.

This email goes out instantly after the operator completes the inquiry form. In addition a notification email goes out to your salesperson letting them know a new lead has been captured. Remember, speed of follow-up can often determine whether the sale is won or lost.

3. Once the call is over and the automatic email goes out to each caller, you then rely on a powerful Sales Pipeline to begin outreach to qualify every contact and turn calls into treatments and surgeries.

The pipeline is simple to follow. Each opportunity is called a “Deal”. Each deal needs to show the revenue value of the service type.

4. In some cases, a practice might already have a Patient Guide PDF or a Refractive Services PDF or even a “How to Pick An Eye Surgeon” Special Report PDF to attach to their welcome email.

These marketing assets can be attached to the Welcome Email very simply. Once your service is activated, let my team know what attachments you’d like and we can make that happen.

5. The Instant Sales Pipeline becomes an on-demand peek into your practice's Premium Services Buying Journey to maintain visibility on progress toward know exactly where every prospect is on their buying journey.

How accurate are your sales forecasts today? Do you even do them?

6. For many practices, a process for "Saving the Opportunity", for example, easily moving a disqualified refractive opportunity into an alternate option and/or additional premium service/s is highly desirable yet missing.

The pipeline brings this ability to move prospects from one sales pipeline into another and the lead never gets tossed out, dropped or lost.

Does this make sense? I know you don’t have all the answers about HOW a system like this works but I want to be sure you understand WHAT you could be doing to reach your goals...

Next I'll share some details about our C.A.P.P. (Capture All Phone Prospects) sales & marketing system and what it would look like to work together.

In addition, I'll give details on using it for free until it captures enough opportunities to pay for itself 10 times over.

The Secret to Getting More Opportunities in 30 Days...

Without Wasting Money On Expensive Agencies

(And you don’t spend one dime on advertising!)

I’m launching a Sales & Marketing System that helps you capture and close more lea than you’re doing today.

In this letter, I’m explaining how you can stop throwing opportunities in the trash.

I’ve used these marketing processes myself and they have captured more opportunities than I had ever imagined. I had no idea how many were lost because we never had a process to track the disposition of inbound phone inquiries.

This letter is my invitation to use this breakthrough system to capture and close more business for FREE until you’ve proven to your satisfaction that it works in your practice.

Instead of “Free for 30 days” we’re offering “Free for $30K”(yes, that’s right, $30,000). Keep reading to learn how it works…

The "Opportunity Triage" offer is called the C.A.P.P. (Capture All Phone Prospects) which helps Ophthalmology Marketing Directors, Ophthalmologists and Optometrists sell more Premium Services and Refractive Surgeries and cross-sell treatment alternatives...”

The success I’ve achieved from this system comes from a core belief that three things must be in place:

1. Commitment

Our clients have to be committed to implementing, doing the work, and dedicating the time and energy required for success.

2. Clarity

You have to follow our specific C.A.P.P. (Capture All Phone Prospects) process for 90 days before making process changes.

3. Confidence

The cornerstone of our program is strategy. Our clients' results come from their confidence that we are can help them transform a business-critical funnel.

If you are committed to staunching the flow of lost refractive surgery leads, we work with you directly to implement the service so you can stop losing money driving prospective patients to call you, only to let too many opportunities die on the vine.

To qualify for the C.A.P.P. (Capture All Phone Prospects) offer you must meet the following criteria.

Your practice must be one who:

  • Wants to grow Premium Service revenue

  • Wants local market leadership

  • Has a Partner who is also involved in its marketing direction (no Executive Engagement = Marketing Frustration all 'round)

On the other hand, if your Practice:

  • Is not willing to invest in marketing

  • Is not interested in growing premium services revenue

  • Does not want to try anything new

... then this system is not a fit for you (right now).

How can you enroll in our

Private Invitation VIP C.A.P.P. launch?

Here's what you get and what will happen when you accept my invitation:

1. We will provision an account for your practice in our system platform - activated and ready for use.

2. You simply fill in the online form below and we handle the activation for you.

3. Your marketing director and your refractive coordinator (whoever follows-up with inbound callers) set an appointment for a 30 min. Onboarding and Orientation Session.

4. From time to time we may send them short training videos showing how each process step works and what happens as the prospect moves from "new lead" to "surgery booked" to reinforce what they learned in their orientation call.

5. About 10 days after the Onboarding call, a second call will be scheduled to double back and see if there are any issues or questions and to make sure how using the pipeline is clearly understood as well as discuss any improvements your staff requests.

Our Offer: 10 Private Invitation VIP Slots


$0 activation fee.

$0 subscription fee until your pipeline has $30,000 or more in opportunities.

At that time you will be asked to move to a subscriber.

The system pays for itself BEFORE you pay one single penny.

Annual subscriptions will probably be priced about the same as a couple of eyes. If we can't capture and close more than 2 opportunities a year, we don't deserve your business.

Today, we only ask 2 things of you:

1. If you're ready to give it a try, click the right button below "Activate Your Account".

2. Agree to be interviewed about your experience so we can continuously improve our system and our service.

I understand the details but,

I am not ready to go live yet

This sounds great!

I'm ready to activate my account

Sound fair?

OK and (hopefully) Welcome to the Refractive CAPP Early Bird VIP program!

Thank you for your attention today,

Peter J. Polack MD

Peter J. Polack MD, FACS

P.S. If you have a question or a suggestion simply email my business partner, Becky Smith. She is in charge of software and solution design and is my go-to-gal for system issues and opportunities. BSmith @

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